OneEnergy knows how complex the energy market can be. Perpetually in motion, with market conditions shifting and players coming and going, achieving energy price stability is difficult no matter what source you’re considering. OneEnergy pioneered the offsite solar solution and we’ve been helping customers purchase offsite solar energy since before it was even recognized as a viable resource. We make buying solar energy easy.


Offsite solar is changing the way energy buyers consider renewable energy. The cost to install offsite solar is lower than ever, making it a feasible choice for any credit-worthy energy customer. Solar energy locks-in a durable fixed-price hedge against rising energy costs. Offsite solar is smart. It’s secure. And it will help you to meet your company’s energy efficiency and sustainability goals, too.

In an ever changing energy market, the stability offered through offsite solar makes sound fiscal sense.

While power purchase agreements (PPAs) have become the go-to vehicle for purchasing renewable energy, OneEnergy knows a PPA isn’t an energy consumer’s only option. Our energy procurement solutions include a menu of options to fit your needs, and our experienced procurement team will partner with you to develop the best solution for your organization.


Worried about costs? Lock in low-cost renewable energy without investing a cent. Buying energy from an offsite solar project does not require a capital commitment on your part, and does not impact your onsite facilities. Our project finance partners are some of the most recognized and respected names in the industry. Our proven industry partnerships, matched with our development expertise, ensure right-priced renewable energy.


Contact one of our energy solution analysts to find out how to add solar to your energy portfolio.