Blue Basin Power

  • Location

    Klamath County, OR
  • Size

    4 MW (DC)
  • Customer

    Pacific Power

Blue Basin Power (formerly Ewauna Solar) is a 4 megawatt DC solar project in Klamath County, Oregon. It began operation in 2017.

Sited on just over 20-acres of previously disturbed land zoned for industrial use, the construction of a solar facility makes the perfect low-impact project. Annually, the project will generate approximately 7,300 MWh of clean electricity. It will feed Pacific Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy program. Solar City finances and owns Blue Basin Power’s multi-phased projects and has executed power purchase agreements with Pacific Power.

The Blue Basin project gained well deserved national recognition. The 2016 Green Power Leadership Award awarded to Pacific Power for its innovative Usage and Habitat product, played a critical role in Blue Basin Power’s development success.

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