Steel Bridge Solar

  • Location

    Polk County, OR
  • Size

    ~3 MW (DC)
  • Customer

    Portland General Electric

OneEnergy developed the nearly 3.0 MW Steel Bridge Solar project in Polk County, OR and has been commercially operating since February 2016.

This project is a unique community success story: a plot of land previously covered in noxious weeds and blackberry brambles just happened to be located directly adjacent to existing electrical infrastructure. What was once an under-utilized piece of land now hosts a renewable energy project that drives a reliable and sustainable revenue stream for the property’s owner, is expected to produce nearly 4,000 MWh of energy in its first year of operation, and is currently the largest solar PV project in Portland General Electric’s service territory.

Steel Bridge will help Oregon meet its renewable energy goals—some of the most stringent in the country with a 50% renewable energy requirement by 2040—and is the heart of PGE’s Green Future Solar program, fostering voluntary green power participation with residential customers.

The project is financed and owned/operated by NRG and serves a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Portland General Electric.


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