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OneEnergy Renewables, a leading North American developer of utility-scale clean energy projects, was honored this week with a spot on the July 2016 GeekWire 200 startup ranking, a list of the Northwest’s top privately held technology companies. This honor arrives a OneEnergy grows to serve the expanding demand for clean, renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest and nationally. OneEnergy Renewables has a presence in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Boulder, CO.

Presented in collaboration with EY, the GeekWire 200 is a competitive list of successful privately held tech startups in the Northwest that demonstrate momentum and significant potential for growth. Publicly available data such as employee counts, social media followings, and inbound web traffic factor into the ranking. 2016 is the first year OneEnergy Renewables has been part of the GeekWire 200 list.

Other startups on the GeekWire 200 include Outreach, a Seattle workflow technology for sales technology startup, and WISErg, a food waste startup founded by former Microsoft managers Larry LeSueur and Jose Lugo.

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