Mountain West

Wright's Mesa

Location: Norwood, Colorado

Size: 100 MWdc

OneEnergy Renewables is currently developing Wright's Mesa Solar, a 100 MWdc project about two miles southwest of Norwood.

The project is located on four parcels along Lone Cone Road, including three privately owned parcels and one owned by the State of Colorado. OneEnergy plans to develop, design, and construct the project over the next three to four years. 


The Wright's Mesa Solar Project is located on state and private land which is currently used for grazing cattle. Because of this, OneEnergy is designing Wright's Mesa Solar as an "agrivoltaics" project. This means instead of changing the land from grazing to solar, the land will be kept in grazing while adding solar energy production. OneEnergy expects to enlist the services of a local rancher to graze ~200 sheep on the site underneath the solar panels. Wright's Mesa Solar will employ a forward-thinking site design to ensure solar energy is not displacing the site's agricultural heritage but rather adding to it. Agriculture is important to the past, present, and future of San Miguel County's culture and economy. OneEnergy will work diligently to protect that legacy while also adding low-impact, low-profile solar energy as one of the important products generated in the region. For more information, please see the Wrights Mesa Solar website.