We partner with utilities across the United States to deliver efficient, cost-effective, innovative, and scalable solar energy solutions.

OneEnergy is a clean energy infrastructure company delivering solar and storage solutions to its customers in energy and commodity markets. Our unique model for developing solar infrastructure, with a focus on design optimization, achieves industry leading Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).


Broad practice in developing solar sites comes from working across many permitting jurisdictions, geographies, and utility service territories. A decade of experience delivering projects across the United States has shaped our team and capabilities.


Balanced proficiency in development, engineering, financial structuring, and power marketing help us see the holistic picture when it comes to solar power facilities. Our multidisciplinary team is passionate about making equitable long-term decisions with our partners.


Each day we strive to make solar energy ubiquitous. But that does not mean cutting corners. We always work to balance cost with performance while also protecting our natural resources.

Balancing Cost with Performance

Our internal expertise includes site development, permitting, interconnection, engineering, power marketing, equipment procurement, finance, construction management, and operations. We continuously balance system footprint, energy performance, material costs, financing expenses, land preservation, and asset management to produce the optimum site solution for every project.

OneEnergy navigates the uncertainties in land development, grid interconnection, and power marketing to provide our customers with viable and competitive energy solutions. We have demonstrated the ability to consistently create value for our customers and partners.  With a wide breadth of experience in working with utility customers and off-takers, we understand the unique challenges faced by grid owners and operators. Our goal is to deliver safe, reliable, and cost-effective renewable generation to the grid.

Our team is adept at performing the engineering studies required to determine the new generator's interconnection impacts on utility transmission and distribution systems. Because our solar projects are coupled with static power electronics we deliver a current source, which has the innate ability to provide power quality benefits to the local utility grid. When or if battery storage is added, our solar projects can ensure that renewable energy is injected onto the grid at the times when it is most needed.

Offtakers ranging from utilities and energy service providers to banks and community choice aggregators trust us for reliable, cost-effective clean energy. We commonly do business with different types of utility companies across the country, including Co-ops, Munis, and IOUs.


Types of Utility Companies

At OneEnergy, we work with all types of utility companies to effectively move our solar power plants into Commercial Operation. The three most common entities are rural electric cooperatives (Co-ops), Municipal Utilities (Munis), and Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs).

Rural Electric Cooperatives (Co-ops)
As a developer of large-scale solar farms, OneEnergy has worked closely with many rural electrical cooperatives, also known as “co-ops.” Co-ops are private, not-for-profit utility businesses that are owned by the customers they serve and run by a board of directors. Co-ops usually exist in rural areas which lack an investor-owned or municipal utility nearby, and are therefore an ideal vehicle for delivering solar energy power to communities.

Municipal Utilities (Munis)
OneEnergy is also skilled at facilitating solar interconnection agreements with public utilities, called municipal utilities or “munis.” Munis are not-for-profit locally controlled government agencies run by public employees. Their purpose is to provide electrical service to large communities and cities in a way that generates a return in profit. When connecting our solar power farms to these more extensive grids, we follow a specific set of guidelines and parameters to bring each solar project to fruition.

Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs)
The OneEnergy team is also well-versed at working with Investor Owned Utilities, or IOUs. These are publicly traded or sometimes privately held electricity and natural gas providers that mainly exist to produce investor returns. Guiding our solar energy generators to Commercial Operations is a complex process. We regularly work hand-in-hand with IOUs and their regulators at public utilities commissions to move projects efficiently from concept to commissioning.