About Us

Our mission is to fight climate change by making clean energy the number one electricity choice for consumers and utilities.

We are a passionate and experienced solar energy developer that partners with landowners and communities across the United States.

We develop solar energy projects in community solar, distributed generation, and large utility scale project segments. Our local, hands-on, and personable approach accelerates widespread access to affordable clean energy.

Since we started developing solar projects in 2009, we have completed more than 800MW of currently operating solar energy facilities across 80 distinct sites in the United States. Our company mission, vision, and values help inspire this important work.

Success starts with trust

  • Building trust is the foundation for healthy, openly communicative relationships.
  • Demonstrating vulnerability, admitting mistakes, and showing our humanity helps build trust.

We take pride in our work

  • We put in the effort and seek the collaboration necessary to deliver the work we are proud of.
  • We are always working to achieve long-term sustainable solutions.
  • We do not take shortcuts.

Relationships matter to us

  • We follow through on our commitments to co-workers, partners, and customers.
  • Delivering on our commitments builds trusting relationships.

Balance in purpose and profit

  • We recognize that achieving profits and creating social change are made up of thoughtful incremental steps.
  • We practice “paying it forward” when appropriate to build sustainable relationships and strong business practices.
  • We take a pragmatic approach to social responsibility initiatives, without sacrificing profits.

We do the work together

  • We define our processes and work proactively as a team to accomplish our goals.
  • We prioritize our collective ambitions before our own personal goals.

How We Work

At OneEnergy, we recognize that our successes are only possible because of demonstrated integrity, trusting partnerships, and collaboration across boundaries. Our team balances the needs of various constituents while planning our transition to renewable energy. We work hard to create winning results for communities, landowners, and investors alike.

We partner with landowners, communities, financiers, utilities and customers to help achieve a renewable energy future. 

We also work closely with a number of organizations who promote renewable energy access for individuals, communities, and geographic regions as identified below.