What is Unique About OneEnergy?

Authentic People

Our team is progressive, collaborative, and passionate. We work together, as a team, to deliver clean energy facilities. We build relationships and projects that we're proud of. We work hard to balance purpose and profit. We love coming to work each day because of OneEnergy’s committed people.

Exciting Projects

Because we work across many geographies and varieties of customers, we are constantly dealing with new and exciting challenges. We typically develop 1MW to 100MW solar projects across the United States and we are constantly seeking ways to increase our impact. Adding battery storage, pollinator habitat, and agriculture at our sites is encouraged when possible. The clean energy future has just started and your career at the leading edge awaits you!

Direct Results

The solutions you'll create at OneEnergy will have direct results across our delivery on future projects. Whether it’s locating the next project site in a Geographical Information System, creating a new Computer Aided Drafting detail, revising our Project Finance models, or reducing construction material costs, we recognize how incremental advancements make serious contributions.

Work-Life Balance

While we are working to advance clean energy, we also expect to play hard to keep a balance. As everyone needs time off to sharpen their minds and bring fresh perspectives to light, we provide generous Paid Time Off and an impactful Volunteer Time Off Program. We offer robust employee benefits including comprehensive medical coverage, 401(k) matching retirement plan, life insurance, gym memberships, and more.

We Elevate People and Empower Communities to Create a Sustainable Energy Future

Transitioning to clean energy is among the most complex challenges we face as a civilization. We believe this transformation will be successful and sustainable only if the benefits are shared equitably with historically disadvantaged communities, particularly groups that have been harmed by extractive methods of energy generation. We recognize an equitable energy transition requires the participation of diverse communities, groups, and institutions. We make a difference by engaging with our team, our partners, and our communities through targeted investments, allyship, education, internships, mentoring, on-the-job training, volunteering, and donations.

Please see our job board below for our open positions.  

We are always interested in highly qualified candidates even if there is not a specific position listed which fits you perfectly.

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