Building equitable relationships with landowners is vital to the success of every solar energy project.

Building Relationships

At OneEnergy, we work to build relationships based on trust, commitment, and shared responsibility.

Respect for Landowners

We are deeply aware of our responsibility towards both the land and the landowner, and we always maintain the goal of preserving the landscape and reducing visual impacts.

Land Preservation

We care about what happens to the land not only during operation of our solar facility but also at the end of its lifespan.

What Landowners Need to Know

Our relationships with landowners begin with a shared vision of what a solar energy project can be.

The OneEnergy team is focused on clearly communicating project expectations and requirements with landowners. We feel it's important that landowners understand the site requirements and potential benefits of a solar farm. OneEnergy seeks land that is reasonably flat, clear of major wetlands or water features, and close to transmission lines. Sites that lack dense tree canopy and sensitive habitat are also preferable for solar panel installation.

Once a solar power plant is in operation, landowners can expect significant benefits. Solar energy farms bring economic advantages to landowners and their communities while also providing a source of energy that's environmentally sustainable. What's more, partnering with OneEnergy means landowners can enjoy minimal impact to their lands during operation of the solar plant and also after decommissioning.

At OneEnergy, we care about what happens to the land both during the operation of our solar facility and after.  That's why for every project, we oversee full decommissioning. That means removing all solar panels and equipment and providing landowners with any necessary land restoration. At the end of a solar project’s lease and operational cycle, our expectation is that the land will be left undamaged and the site can resume its previous uses such as agriculture and grazing.

Case Study

“Baker Point Solar Farm has provided us the opportunity to generate affordable energy and tax dollars for the school our grandkids attend.”

– Glen & Rebecca Eaves, Frederick, MD

Case Study

“Cambridge Solar Farm is going to give us a steady and reliable source of income that will help us continue to operate as a farm.”

– Mark Adams, Cambridge, MD

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