Energy Buyers

Solar energy  is transformative because it presents an opportunity to lock in energy costs and prioritize clean energy, while also catalyzing local economic development.

We provide solar energy generation around the United States, working closely with customers on solar projects which specifically meet price, location, scale, and other requirements.  Providing energy buyers with competitive, low risk, community-friendly energy solutions is how we make solar energy ubiquitous and irresistible.


Locking in long-term clean energy costs provides predictability to your business. We are passionate about helping customers reduce their energy costs and transition to large-scale renewable energy.

Risk Management

OneEnergy navigates the uncertainties in land development, grid interconnection, and energy regulation to provide our customers with viable and competitive solar energy solutions. 


We develop repeatable energy solutions for our customers across a variety of energy markets and scenarios, ranging from community solar projects to large-scale generation facilities. 

Benefits to Community & Environment

We build projects which deliver multiple benefits to the community and the environment.  When feasible, our projects include pollinator habitat planted within the solar arrays. We also diligently work to reduce or eliminate gravel and concrete import to our sites, with an eye towards land preservation and simple decommissioning. 

We recognize there are critical topics to address when sourcing renewable energy, including:

  • Long-term Pricing
  • Additionality
  • Geographic Location
  • Risk Allocation
  • Use or Monetization of Environmental Attributes (Renewable Energy Credits)
  • Navigating Regulatory Environments
  • Asset Management
  • Economic Development Efforts

Because of our broad experience in working with utility customers and renewable energy buyers, we understand the unique challenges faced by all stakeholders. Our goal is to deliver safe, reliable, and cost-effective renewable generation to our customers. We believe every customer has a pathway to renewable energy and we are committed to helping solve your solar energy procurement challenge.