Business & Nonprofits

We work with companies, non-profits, municipalities, universities, and other entities to accelerate their transition to renewable energy.

By partnering with OneEnergy, businesses can enjoy all the benefits of solar power generation, including operational savings, clean and efficient energy, and solar energy investment returns.

Solar energy and your business

Solar energy can benefit your company or nonprofit institution in multiple ways, all of which lead to financial savings. Replacing expensive brown power imported to your buildings, campus or facility with clean energy at scale can mean significant operational savings. Plus, you can count on minimizing the effect of future utility rate hikes, hidden utility demand charges, and unpredictable time-of-use rates.

When contemplating a OneEnergy solar facility, businesses should also consider investment returns. Solar energy investment returns are comprised of three primary financial benefits. First is the federal investment tax credit. Second is a depreciation benefit. Last are savings from reduced energy import or cashflow from energy production. Simply said, solar energy is good business.

It is our goal to deliver solar energy at scale where our business partners will enjoy 30 years of uninterrupted clean energy production. At the end of the solar project’s life, the facility can be rebuilt, or the land can be repurposed and returned to its original form.

How it works

At OneEnergy, we always look for site locations where the solar energy may be transmitted to serve the load as cost effectively as possible. The ideal site for a solar project is usually open land adjacent to operating electrical loads. That allows us to either perform the electrical interconnection at a customer substation or work with the local utility to virtually deliver the solar electricity from an offsite location. In many instances, we will debundle the solar energy (kWh) and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and market them independently. This offers flexibility for our customers and the opportunity to make more solar projects viable.

We provide comprehensive technical and financial reviews to evaluate if a solar energy facility is right ofr your situation. We seek to find innovative solutions to help all our partners transition to renewable energy.