Life at OneEnergy is awesome, at least that’s what we all say to each other, our friends, our families, strangers, really anyone who’ll listen.

We work hard and care about both what we do and how we do it. We’re always coming up with better ways to do what we did the last time around, and that curiosity and spirit is part of what keeps OneEnergy at the forefront of our industry. Beyond colleagues, We’re actually, really truly friends, and we have tremendous respect for each other.

Our individual professional backgrounds are diverse. While some of us are seasoned energy professionals, since the industry itself is still young, most of us have found our way to OneEnergy traveling divergent paths. Depending on how far down our resumes you go, we’re former landscape architects, designers, attorneys, investment managers, long boarders, ski instructors, dog walkers, and librarians.

Part of our hiring philosophy is the conviction that diverse backgrounds bring great value to the team and our company as a whole. One thing that’s pretty consistent across the team is entrepreneurial spirit. Many of us started and ran our own businesses, whether at age 6 or 36 (or both, in between or after). As a team, we harness that same spirit and camaraderie daily. It’s what has grown OneEnergy into a remarkable company and an industry leader.

"I'm lucky to work with an exceptional 'family' of caring and committed individuals—while making a difference for the planet." Carmen Murray, Operations

We've Got You Covered

  • A Healthy You -- Physical, Mental, Financial

    100% employer paid medical, dental, vision, life, disability insurance

    401K + generous match + profit sharing

    Wellness subsidy -- gym, skiing, mindfullness app, yoga, your choice

  • Time Off the Way You Like It

    Unlimited PTO? Not quite... but darn close! Team members get 6 weeks PTO each year, regardless of tenure or title (you gotta share pictures when you get back!)

    Plus, we have 23 holidays on the calendar this year...

  • A Piece of the Pie

    We all have a stake in OneEnergy's success with competitive salaries and stock options for everyone

    Subsidized professional development to keep your skills sharp as a tack

  • Get to Work and Save the World While You're At It

    Bike, trike, walk, run, bus, train... drive less, make the earth better and we'll subsidize it!

  • Work Flexibly

    Like Gumby. Standing desk, flexible hours, or maybe work remotely? You tell us how you work your best.

  • Fun Together

    We love hanging out with each other. Really. Join Team Sol Kickers, take in a Mariner's game, kill it at trivia night... that's just the start.

Wanna Join Us?

OneEnergy hires ambitious, committed individuals with bright, curious minds and diverse backgrounds. We are innovative, collaborative and devoted to the quality and integrity of our work product. Our team members commonly use the words kind, humble, funny, hard-working, respectful and inclusive to describe their colleagues.

If this sounds like you, check out our job openings listed below. No openings posted? Well, frankly, we’re always looking for awesome people. Be bold: send us your resume and a cover letter anyway!

Job Openings:

Accounting Associate