A career at OneEnergy is not just any job. Its an opportunity to change the course of history as we accelerate the transition to renewable energy.  

Because renewable energy still makes up less than 2% of the current energy mix in the United States, we see a healthy continuum ahead full of opportunities as we work to diversify the energy mix and deploy energy storage.

Diverse backgrounds bring great value to us as an organization. As a team, we work together with the philosophy that if we make our projects successful, our co-workers successful, and our partners successful, then we will also discover individual sucess. Its this passion for teamwork which has propelled OneEnergy into a remarkable company and a unique solar industry leader. If this speaks to you, we hope you will read on and consider taking this journey with us!

A Career at OneEnergy

Authentic People
Our team is progressive, collaborative and passionate. The egos are checked at the door. We have found the greatest success and results occur doing good for the whole rather than for the self. We love coming to work each day because of OneEnergy’s people.

Exciting Projects
Because we work across many geographies and varieties of customers, we are constantly dealing with new and exciting challenges. We typically develop and deliver 1MW to 100MW solar projects in specific locations around the United States. We are beginning to incorporate battery storage into our projects and are looking for ways to always increase our impact for the inevitable transition to clean energy. The clean energy future has just begun and your career at the leading edge of innovation awaits you!

Direct Results
The solutions you create at OneEnergy will have direct results across our delivery on future projects. Whether it’s locating the next project site in a Geographical Information System, creating a new Computer Aided Drafting detail, revising our Project Finance models, or reducing construction material costs, we recognize how incremental advancements make serious contributions.

Work-Life Balance
While we are working to advance clean energy, we also expect to play hard to keep a balance. Everyone needs time off to sharpen their minds and bring fresh perspectives to light. We offer solid employee benefits including comprehensive medical coverage, generous Paid Time Off, an amazing 401(k) matching retirement plan, life insurance, gym memberships, and more.

How to Apply

We are always interested in highly qualified candidates even if there is not a specific position listed which fits you perfectly. If you would like to indicate your interest, please email your cover letter and resume documents to:

See our job board below for our open positions.