MG&E Adds Solar to the Grid, More in Development

February 22, 2024


Madison, Wis., — Madison Gas and Electric’s (MGE) latest solar array, the 6-megawatt (MW) Tyto Solar in Fitchburg, is fully operational and delivering locally generated, carbon-free energy to MGE’s distribution grid. Like MGE’s other Madison-area renewable energy projects, Tyto Solar is a distributed energy resource that is connected to MGE’s distribution system. Tyto Solar serves all MGE electric customers.
“This project is another step in our journey toward net-zero carbon electricity for all MGE electric customers,” said Jeff Keebler, MGE Chairman, President and CEO. “Our target is reduced carbon emissions. Under our commitment, by 2030, every MGE electric customer will have 80% fewer carbon emissions associated with their electricity use simply by being an MGE customer. Everyone we serve will reap the benefits of a cleaner grid as we invest cost-effectively for a net-zero carbon future.”
Tyto Solar details
Located in Fitchburg along Irish Lane, the Tyto Solar project uses bifacial solar panels. Bifacial solar panels produce energy from both sides as they track the sun throughout the day.
The array uses a tracking system that is programmed to rotate with the sun for optimum absorption. This tracking system enables the operator to “stow” the panels during snow events in the winter to prevent snow from collecting on the panels or blocking solar production. OneEnergy Renewables developed and constructed the Tyto Solar project.
MGE owns the array and leases the land. Tyto is expected to generate enough electricity to power about 1,400 households each year.
High Noon Solar Energy Center
In early February, MGE filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to purchase a share of the High Noon Solar Energy Center. The 300-MW solar array and 165-MW battery energy storage system will be located in Columbia County.
If the purchase is approved, MGE will own 30 MW of solar and 16.5 MW of battery storage. MGE’s share of the solar project would serve about 9,000 households.
We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service, both subsidiaries of WEC Energy Group, will own the remainder of the facility. The entire project is expected to generate enough energy to serve about 90,000 households. The High Noon Solar Energy Center is expected to start serving customers by the end of 2026.
Working toward 80% reduced carbon emissions by 2030
Tyto Solar and the High Noon Solar Energy Center are two of several projects to help MGE achieve our industry-leading carbon reduction goals.
With the addition of the Red Barn Wind Farm and the second phase of the Badger Hollow Solar Farm in 2023, MGE added nearly 60 MW of wind and solar to our energy supply mix last year to serve all MGE electric customers.
More than 50 MW of solar generation is expected to be added to MGE’s energy supply mix by the end of this year with projects currently in development. MGE continues to evaluate other potential clean energy investments as we work toward net-zero carbon electricity.
To achieve deep decarbonization, MGE is growing its use of renewable energy, engaging customers around energy efficiency and working to electrify transportation, all of which are key strategies identified by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
About MGE
MGE generates and distributes electricity to 161,000 customers in Dane County, Wis., and purchases and distributes natural gas to 173,000 customers in seven south-central and western Wisconsin counties. MGE’s parent company is MGE Energy, Inc. The company’s roots in the Madison area date back more than 150 years.

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