OneEnergy Celebrates 10 Years Developing Solar, Now “Cheapest Electricity in History”

December 03, 2020

Formally launching in 2010, OneEnergy Renewables is celebrating an exciting ten years of developing community and utility-scale solar energy projects across the United States.  With over 700 MegaWatts (MW) of solar projects now operating in 12 states, this anniversary marks a successful decade of bringing renewable energy benefits to local communities while also decarbonizing our electrical grid. Reflecting on this anniversary, Chief Executive Officer, Tobin Booth, says, “OneEnergy’s team of experienced and passionate developers has been focused on building an affordable clean energy future since day one. Ten years later, we are proud to be a leading developer in this growing industry and look forward to delivering more high-quality projects to communities across in America in the years to come.”

In the decade since OneEnergy first began developing projects, the cost of solar has declined so precipitously­­­­­­ - over 80% - that it has recently been deemed the “cheapest electricity in history” by the International Energy Agency (IEA). In its World Energy Outlook 2020, the IEA highlights an extraordinary milestone: on a per MegaWatt basis, the cost to build solar is now below the cost to build fossil fuels for the first time worldwide. This achievement caps off a decade-long downward cost curve that has been reflected in the solar industry's manufacturing scale, a product so cost-effective that the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) projects the U.S. solar market will install 42% more in 2021-2025 than was installed over the last five years.

With over 600 gigawatts of grid-connected solar capacity installed around the globe, the downward trend in cost to build solar coupled with the upward trend of demand for clean energy solutions makes 2021 poised to be a year of continued robust growth for the industry and for OneEnergy Renewables. Rounding out a tumultuous year with these high points gets our team excited about a new decade of partnering with communities and consumer alike to bring new solar projects online!


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