OneEnergy Digs in on 24MW Mastodon Portfolio

March 08, 2021

OneEnergy has broken ground on the 24 MW Mastodon Portfolio, an inspiring 8-project venture located in western Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota. Working closely with three rural electric cooperatives and nine landowner hosts, OneEnergy developed the solar farms with the dual purpose of boosting rural economies while also producing clean energy. The Mastodon Portfolio will not only produce affordable, reliable clean energy for several decades, but also bring a $25 Million investment to the rural communities in which these projects are located.

The electricity generated by each project will be purchased by the local participating electric cooperative, resulting in savings on both energy supply and transmission expense. These savings will be passed onto the cooperative's members. The available Renewable Energy Credits will then be sold separately to visionary buyers committed to ensuring their renewable energy procurement dollars are devoted to new projects that serve local communities.

OneEnergy has always designed our projects to integrate seamlessly into the rural, agricultural settings in which they are located, and the Mastodon Portfolio is no exception. Our typical strategy involves planting either pollinator habitat, which benefits insects, birds and wildlife, or pollinator pasture mix, which is designed to be grazed by sheep while also providing benefit to pollinators. These plantings will benefit adjacent agricultural lands while improving the quality of the soil on site. We partnered with nine landowners to host the projects on their property, and look forward to serving these landowners, communities, utilities and other stakeholders as we construct these projects over the next six months.

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