An Open Letter to Congressional Representatives

January 01, 2021

Dear Congressional Representative,

The United States pays nearly 50% more for a solar module than other countries because of import tariffs placed on solar modules and cells.

There are 3 types of tariffs on solar modules which include Anti-Dumping Countervailing Duties, Section 201, and Section 301 tariffs.  The higher prices paid in solar modules result in slower market growth for U.S. solar developers, installers, and solar project operators, resulting in a slower transition away from fossil fuels.

We have been badly hurt from these harmful import duties. These tariffs have translated to reductions in economic investment and job losses across the solar energy industry. Eliminating these wasteful and harmful tariffs will create a massive opportunity to mobilize our workforce and grow the U.S. economy during one of the greatest energy transitions known to mankind. We openly invite you to collaborate with us on modernizing our energy grid and building our sustainable energy workforce.

Section 204(b)(1)(B) of the Trade Act authorizes the President, to reduce, modify, or terminate an action taken under the Trade Act. We urge you to act and support efforts to reverse these damaging tariffs on solar modules and solar cells.



OneEnergy Renewables

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