Wall Street Journal: Farmers See Bright Spot in Solar

September 26, 2019

The Wall Street Journal this week highlighted what OneEnergy has seen playing out in communities across the United States: farmers embracing solar energy as a stable revenue source and playing their part in mitigating climate change.

Agricultural commodity prices are down and farmers are feeling the pinch. The Journal highlights one Minnesota farming couple who have seen their corn and soybean revenue drop 30% over the past six years. Their solution? Supplement their crop production revenue by leasing a portion of their land to a solar energy project to harvest the sunshine. They will receive significant annual lease payments over the coming 30 years and will continue farming agricultural crops on their surrounding acreage

The sun rises and sets every day--no matter the weather or political climate. Harvesting the sun’s rays in the form of kilowatts is proving invaluable to farmers seeking ways to maintain profit margins through stable, consistent revenues.  

OneEnergy takes great pride in building trusted relationships with their farming landowner partners--relationships that help keep farms profitable and in the family. Visit our Solar 101 page to learn how solar and farms are naturally compatible. 

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here

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