Rural Electric Coop | Community Solar | Midwest

Bluff Prairie

Location: Red Mound, WI

Size: 1.8 MWdc

OneEnergy’s Bluff Prairie solar project makes solar affordable and accessible to Vernon Electric Cooperative members.

This 1.5 MW site features 3,276 panels across 9 acres of land, of which 60% will be dedicated to Vernon Electric Cooperative’s community solar program. A subset of panels will also be reserved for households that qualify for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program through Energize Wisconsin. 

Energize Wisconsin is a program designed to reduce the cost of electricity for income-eligible members and is set to launch in January 2024. The program was formed through a partnership between Vernon Electric Cooperative, Couleecap Inc., and Wisconsin's Public Service Commission’s Office of Energy Innovation. Qualified members will receive credits on their electric bill from assigned solar output as the program allows for more Wisconsin residents to incorporate renewable energy into their household. 

“Partnering with Vernon Electric Cooperative and the landowner to build the Bluff Prairie Solar Project has been a great experience. OneEnergy and our whole Midwest development, engineering, and construction teams appreciate the opportunity to serve the community by generating local, clean energy,” said Beth Esser, Associate Director of development  for OneEnergy, who led development of the Project.

The Bluff Prairie solar project is one of twelve projects that OneEnergy Renewables is currently building for rural electric cooperatives across Wisconsin.