Clean. Conscientious. Community.

Making clean energy more accessible to the community

Designing each project conscientiously by incorporating pollinator habitats that enrich farming, local land, and water

Fostering community dialogue with landowners and neighbors to complete projects all can be proud of

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Making Solar Energy Accessible to All

Community solar makes clean, affordable electricity available to those who are unable to put solar panels on their rooftops.

Believe it or not, that’s a lot of us. 49% of American households cannot host photovoltaic solar systems because they either rent their homes or their property is not suitable for solar panels. 

That’s why states across the country are embracing the concept of community solar. It gives residents near the project the opportunity to save real money on their electric bills, power their homes and businesses with a clean source of energy, and support solar projects in their community. OneEnergy is proud to be designing community solar projects in several states. With each project, we strive to provide clean, conscientious, community-minded solar projects.

See examples of some of our Community Solar projects here.

How Does it Work?

First, OneEnergy Renewables designs and builds a community solar array in a local utility service area. Next, homeowners, renters, and businesses in that service area can sign up through a trusted supplier for a credit on their electric bill based on power generated by the array. No rooftop panels or equipment required.  

Maryland Residents

OneEnergy is developing 8 community solar projects in Maryland. These 8 projects will bring solar savings to more than 2,500 homes, including 280 low income households. Each project will be pollinator friendly by planting the ground beneath the panels with native flower and grass species.

At two megawatts in size each, these projects require no new transmission upgrades or substations. At no more than 20 acres each, farmers at these sites benefit from stable income, while maintaining their farming operations on the surrounding land.

To learn how you can can sign up for a community solar-powered future, visit the website of our trusted energy supplier partner, CleanChoice Energy.