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Butter Solar

Location: Wisconsin

Size: 32.0 MWdc

In 2019, Organic Valley became the largest food company in the world to be powered entirely by renewable energy. In doing so, they leapt past all other U.S. corporations with similar goals.

It began in 2017 when OneEnergy Renewables approached Organic Valley with an innovative approach to help them become a 100% renewably powered company. That idea turned into a portfolio of 10 community solar projects, across three states, and totaling over 32 MW of solar, including the largest single solar project in Wisconsin. The portfolio of projects is named Butter Solar.

The power produced from the Butter Solar Portfolio is sold to the Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group (UMMEG). UMMEG is a joint action agency representing electricity providers in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Butter Solar delivers 100% clean energy to UMMEG where it is then distributed to local residents and businesses in the region.

Ten UMMEG member communities host the solar projects and use the solar power they generate. In addition, Dr. Bronner’s, Native Energy, the City of Madison, and Organic Valley purchase renewable energy credits from the portfolio which helps reduce energy supply costs for all parties. 

OneEnergy Renewables developed the project portfolio; acquiring the land, securing the interconnection rights, obtaining Power Purchase Agreements and selling the Renewable Energy Credits. BluEarth Renewables acquired this portfolio in 2019 and continues to operate the solar project assets.

Butter Solar Case Study 2020

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