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Morey Field

Location: Middleton, WI

Size: 6.70 MWdc

In 2018, the City of Middleton passed a community referendum with an ambitious goal: to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2035.

In order to meet its target, the city needed to start identifying and securing new sources of renewable energy. OneEnergy had approached the city the previous year with a creative solution. The idea was to site a solar project on city-owned land and partner with the local utility, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), to distribute electricity generated from the project. This vision turned into a five (5) megawatt (MW) solar project located at the Middleton Municipal Airport, also known as Morey Field. This would become the first off-site renewable energy project intended for a specific customer in the state.

The Morey Field Solar project represents yet another unique partnership forged by OneEnergy in the state of Wisconsin. This time, the agreement would offer municipal, educational, business and residential customers access to renewable energy generated from a new solar project in their own community.

The electricity produced from the Morey Field Solar project is managed by MGE, which is responsible for delivering the electricity to the project customers via long-term supply contracts. The project’s main customers include the City of Middleton and the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. Both organizations committed to purchasing a combined 1.5 MW, which makes them the first customers in Wisconsin to contract with their local utility to receive emission-free electricity from an offsite solar plant. The Project goes beyond the original Middleton referendum’s stated goals and will help save taxpayer dollars. By purchasing renewable energy at a low, consistent rate over the life of the project, the Middleton-Cross Plains School District will save an estimated $1 million and the City will save another $353,000 compared to “business as usual” power purchase costs. The remainder of the project – approximately 3.5 MW – expanded MGE’s Shared Solar program, a service that allows smaller commercial customers, including nonprofits, as well as residential customers to participate in a solar option. 

OneEnergy Renewables originated and developed the Morey Field Solar project, working with the City of Middleton to sign a long-term lease agreement, and with MGE to arrange the interconnection to the local grid, coordinating Power Purchase Agreements between all parties, and securing the necessary permits from the Federal Aviation Administration to build adjacent to an active airport. Construction on the project began in 2019 and the project is now generating emission-free electricity for Wisconsinites.


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