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Location: Ontario County, NY

Size: 2.90 MWdc

Commercially operational since summer 2016, Interlake Solar, a 2.9 MW solar PV project, is located in Ithaca, New York.

The project serves Ithaca College, generating enough energy to meet roughly 10 percent of campus’s annual energy needs.

Through a highly competitive application process, the NYSERDA NY-Sun program awarded OneEnergy a $1.6 million grant for Interlake, increasing the compelling economic metrics of this project.

Because a project of this size is physically impossible within the confines of the campus, the project’s remote location is 40 miles from campus on 15 acres of land in Ontario County. Developing this project at an offsite location not only allowed the project to come to fruition, but also facilitate the delivery of significant energy generation while reaping low development costs and maximum savings.

Financed through a 25-year power purchase agreement, the Interlake project capitalizes on New York’s remote net metering program. Greenwood Energy financed and owns the completed project; Borrego Solar co-developed the project and maintains the completed facility.