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Mastodon Solar

Location: Minnesota and Wisconsin

Size: 24MWp

The Mastodon Solar portfolio an 8-project venture located in western Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota.

Working closely with three rural electric cooperatives and nine landowner hosts, OneEnergy developed the solar farms with the dual purpose of boosting rural economies while also producing reliable energy for the communities in which they are located. The Mastodon portfolio will not only produce affordable, reliable clean energy for several decades, but also brings a $30 Million investment to these rural communities.

The electricity generated by the Mastodon portfolio is being purchased by three nonprofit cooperative utility companies which aim to provide members with the best services at the lowest possible cost. These solar facilities help stabilize electricity costs and make the electric grid more resilient by generating more electricity closer to the load it is serving. These benefits, both in terms of savings and resiliency, will be passed onto the cooperative's members. The Renewable Energy Credits are being sold separately to visionary buyers committed to ensuring their renewable energy procurement dollars are devoted to new projects that serve local communities.

OneEnergy designed all eight projects to integrate seamlessly into the agricultural settings in which they are located. The projects are planted with either a deep-rooted perennial pollinator prairie or a pasture mix underneath the tracking solar arrays. The sites that are seeded to pasture will be grazed by sheep to further reduce their environmental impacts and keep the land in agricultural production over their 35-year lifecycle. 

Customer Quotes:

“We have created a nice relationship with OneEnergy. We couldn’t ask for a better partner on the Blue Prairie Solar Project. This is our first renewable energy project of this size, and OneEnergy walked us through the process and were always available to answer any of our questions. They were always very courteous to our community members and helpful in answering the members’ questions. In essence, they followed through on their commitments and delivered a high-performing solar facility that will help to serve our members with reliable, renewable electricity generated in our backyard.” 

-Kevin Babcock, Jackson Electric Cooperative

OneEnergy has helped Stonyfield achieve its renewable energy goals and its objective to contribute to building new renewables.  Through community-scale solar project development, OneEnergy delivers environmental benefits, local economic value, creation of pollinator habitat and more.  We are proud to support their projects through a long-term commitment to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs). As a partner, we appreciate their community-oriented approach, comprehensive thinking about sustainability, flexibility and ability to deliver on commitments. 

- Lisa Drake, Stonyfield Organic 

The Mastodon Solar Case Study

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