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Papillon Community Solar

Location: 5 Counties in Maryland

Size: 24MWp

OneEnergy developed nine solar projects as part of Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot Program, Papillon Community Solar, enabling Maryland residents a choice in their electricity source, plus an opportunity to save money on their utility bills.

These nine sites total 24MW in capacity and make up the largest dual-use community solar portfolio in Maryland. Spanning across five separate counties, the projects build on the company’s long-standing track record in Maryland.

OneEnergy sited and developed the projects in partnership with Standard Solar, the builder and long-term portfolio owner. Our partnership with Clean Choice Energy was also essential in this portfolio’s success as the consumer subscription manager.  The portfolio produces enough energy for more than 2,500 homes, providing many Maryland residents with an economical renewable electricity choice for the first time. 

These projects are a breakthrough opportunity for the more than 50% of homes in the U.S. that are unable to install solar on their rooftops, either due to renting, not owning their roof space, inadequate roof size, orientation, or shading.

Through this portfolio, OneEnergy also continues its leadership in the field of dual-use solar. All nine solar facilities will make clean electricity while also utilizing pollinator-friendly plant species as ground cover. These native, deep rooted plantings benefit local soil, water agricultural yields, and struggling pollinator populations. Pollinators are a crucial component of all agricultural ecosystems, yet suitable habitat for these species has become increasingly sparse and fragmented.

OneEnergy worked closely with county officials and residents to ensure the projects were conscientiously designed and constructed with the community in mind. As a result, more than 150 acres of existing forest will be placed in perpetual conservation easements and more than 1,000 new tree and shrub plantings will be installed as visual screening.

Papillon Community Solar
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