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Tobin Booth

Role + Experience

Tobin leads OneEnergy’s operations with an emphasis on mission, vision, values, and strategic direction while also managing company organizational structure and community engagement.

Tobin is known as an executive who leads with high integrity, builds entrepreneurial teams, and aligns mission-driven working environments. His background in the solar industry spans development, engineering, construction, and asset management. He has participated in delivering nearly 2 GW of operating solar facilities across more than 900 sites in 30 U.S. states and territories. These sites include a wide variety of utility-scale projects as well as commercial and industrial facilities located on open real estate, federal buildings, corporate campuses, retail stores, airports, and stadiums.

Tobin previously founded and operated Blue Oak Energy, a full-service engineering and construction solar firm based in California, which was acquired by Panasonic and Coronal Energy in 2017. Tobin also founded Stokes Vannoy, which developed, financed, and currently operates several long-term solar energy facilities.


Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University, 1997
Licensed Electrical Engineer, California, 2006
Licensed Electrical & General Contractor, California (inactive)

Projects with Tobin
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Minnesota and Wisconsin




Insights + Research with Tobin
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